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At Ras Al Ain Sky, teamwork, quality control, service delivery, and unwavering creativity are the true cornerstones to success. The company has mobilized substantial resources to achieve its standing and continues to expand at a rapid pace. At present, its equipment and machinery are worth well over $ 5 million, while its personnel number more than 400 in total. Its commitment to ecology comes from the long-standing mission to protect the environment, preserve historic landscapes as well as create attractive public and private spaces that present a vibrant environment for all members of the community. To this effect, RA initiated an international joint venture partnership with GDM – Italy, which has taken the lead in the construction of numerous LEED® Certified Projects in Europe.

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What do we do?

In step with ambitions

Ras Al Ain Sky has spread its excellence from its headquarters in Baghdad Iraq
to become a name to be reckoned with not just in the nation, but also across several countries in the Middle East. The company has, along the way, played a vital role in the development of the nation’s infrastructure, while emerging as a competitive name in the region. From just a single contract of $ 3 million in its founding year, it has grown the turnover over the past decades to a staggering $ 50 million, thereby setting the pace for quality, progress, and distinction. The phenomenal growth of RA and its ambitious plans for the future signifies its ranking as a premier contractor that is all set to scale greater heights.

What do we do?

Strides of pride

All of these, combined with an experience of over two decades and a track-record of phenomenal results, make it an expert in delivering any project, no matter how challenging the path. Whereas in building constructions, electro-mechanical and Oil & Gas sectors, RA is renowned for its quality of work and solutions, utilizing the most up-to-date technology through the vast experience. Complementing the solid business background, vast local construction knowledge and rich experience are its resources and ability to undertake large construction, irrigation, agriculture, and landscape projects. The company can undertake the entire gamut of project requirements, right from operation, development, and maintenance to irrigation, stormwater, landscapes, and associated groundwork.

“Integrity, Excellence, and Innovation are the pillars of RA values. Our attribute of honesty and credibility sustain RA culture. Our reputation of accountability built over many years is our legacy for the future… Read More”

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