Our extensive work experience with water infrastructure, distribution and treatment projects ensures clients receive their completed venture within budget and on time.

In the last 6 years, we have taken on a broad perspective of projects in the water industry in Iraq including the design, construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of pumping stations, distribution networks and water treatment plants.

Infrastructure Systems

Infrastructure systems deal with water distribution networks and connection of the water and sewage plants to the various points of treatment and source.

This includes stormwater networks, where the water levels increase during the thaw and heavy rain seasons. The infrastructure network is supplanted by pumping stations of various capacity and size. These make the complete distribution network and account for the efficient distribution of water and effluent.

Environmental Systems

The environmental systems deal with the conversion of affluence and harmful waste into environmentally friendly products. These take several forms and involve different processes depending on the type and location of the waste. RA’s expertise is utilized to successfully undertake water and related component projects including:

Waste Water Treatment

Wastewater deals with domestic and industrial wastewater, where the processes convert harmful contaminants into environmentally friendly by-products that can be released back in the natural cycle. Water Treatment Focusing on the provision of clean and potable water for domestic and industrial consumption and involving chemical and mechanical processes, which results in the provision of safe and healthy water. Solid Waste Treatment Comprising sewage and sewerage networks, required for the safe and environmentally friendly treatment of domestic and industrial waste.